Striving to restore peace, hope and wellbeing in the human person

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Kimberly Savoie
engaged in the healing arts, consulting, teaching and research

I Am A Believer of All Things Possible....and I welcome you to be a believer too!

"Nothing is as it appears to be.
Your perspective of this can change upon will.
It is all up to the choices we make and the feelings we hold in our heart.
By choosing to have a positive change of heart we alter our perspective.
When our perspective changes so to does our experience.

Through this experience we gain peace of mind which can alter all areas of our life positively". K.S.


The Savoie Method
The work of The Savoie Method is an all encompassing approach of quantum healing; a process of bringing the body back to a painless state on all levels mind, body, spirit and soul. For many years of personal growth, research, study and practice in body work, spirituality and philosophy, I have been led in developing my own theories of why the body breaks down and becomes ill and what we can do to recalibrate and transform back into a state of balance, health and prosperity.

Within my practice of working with thousands of people who have experienced incredible breakthroughs in health, the frequency of what the body holds especially that of the connection of the heart and mind has led me to conclude that when these two are out of balance, thus lowering the energetic frequency of the body, illness is a result. Stress is the culprit to all disease whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual or psychological. There are many many reasons for this but first and foremost it all begins in how we perceive our reality.

Each one of us carries our very own unique soul signature or energetic frequency or blueprint which extends outside in the aura/emotional bio field of the body. Frequencies are measured in Megahertz. A healthy body is between 62-72 MHz where as a body during illness drops between 52-58 MHz, during cancer 40-42 MHz and near death 24-26 MHz, a somewhat healthy body experiencing stress and emotional challenges will fall below the 62-72 MHz range resulting in a lowered immune system that is therefore susceptible to disease and illness.

Keep in mind also that a practitioner with a lowered vibrational body cannot work energetically on another lowered vibrational body and obtain results as there is an interchange of energy flow.  And in order to make positive changes within this frequency range the practitioner must be operating at a slightly higher energetic frequency while bringing in various tools and methods to bring about a change to this lowered frequency of his/her client. Also one must be operating in a more conscious state of awareness with clear intent in order to assist a healing to help those looking to become healthy. This approach can be taught. We first work on ways of getting the client free and clear of anything standing in the way of becoming well as this paves the way and is a door opener towards shifts in frequency.
 I've spent years getting to this point. And now with the knowledge that I have obtained, I am able to facilitate a positive change within a person who desires change.

Although The Savoie Method is currently utilized within my practice, this method is in the beginning stages of being  taught to health care practitioners and unversed people alike making its way into businesses, hospitals, schools and places where it is needed. This training will create within itself a more conducive environment within the body which will trickle down and extend out to have a positive impact and effect on the people within ones home, workplace and beyond.

The subtitle of The Savoie Method "Getting to the Heart of the Matter Through Quantum Bio Energetic Healing" is a book currently in progress discussing in great length how our hearts have tremendous affect on our health and well being. I look forward to sharing this book with you in the very near future.


The massage and body work that I have learned throughout the years has morphed into an approach of what I call "Body Resonance" which in turn culminates and offers a "Touch-For-Life". The work that I do goes beyond manipulating body tissue. Instead it is a compilation of work at an energetic soul level. It is unlocking the door to what is needed for your souls particular growth at that time. What ever modality that I choose for you that decodes the information within your energetic bio-field will have no reservation to the intended work to be performed and that is your souls calling at that particular time. 

Body Resonance is not a technique but an individual approach that is consciously as well as unconsciously applied to each individual given their current state of being.


The underlying message imbedded in my work is that "you have the creative innate energy within yourself to heal". All you have to do is say "Yes, I accept, I Am and I Change". If one is not consciously able to cognize what is needed, given permission, ones soul is ready, able and willing to discern this.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and for supporting the work that I am doing. And I want to thank you for the work that you have chosen to do as when we heal, the world heals.

With much heart centered appreciation & love


Kimberly Savoie, founder of Touch-For-Life Wellness LLC, has over 30 years experience in energy and bodywork and complimentary alternatives to health. Her theories in the healing arts are always redirected back to one’s own mind, heart space body connection as a powerful tool to heal the body – mind and soul. Her goal is striving to restore peace, hope and well-being in the human person.
Kimberly attended the Nashua Technical Institute of Therapeutic Massage in New Hampshire. Aside from the basic teachings of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Clinical & Rehabilitative Massage as the foundation, a strong emphasis is placed on intuitive healing, energy clearing and chakra balancing. Kimberly has completed courses in Hospital Based Massage Therapy For The Fragile Patient, Spiritual Ordained Ministry, Fitness Training, Reiki, Spiritual Life Coaching, Indigo Children Coaching, NCBTMB Approved Provider, Aromatherapy Oils, Chakra Balancing, Tuning Forks, Guided Visualization, Meditation, Yoga Instruction, Esthetics, Touch For Health. She continues her studies in heart centered awareness; energetically with much compassion and patience, assisting one in the opening of one’s heart for better health.
Kimberly is from the North Shore area in Massachusetts where she received most of all her training with a thriving practice in a chiropractor’s office. She relocated to Hilton Head Island, S.C. where her work was contracted out to The Hilton Head Health Institute a world premier health and weight loss spa. From there she relocated along the beautiful coast of Sarasota Florida finding the ocean a place relaxation and rejuvenation. From Sarasota she sold her home and took to the road as solo traveler full time in her rv for three years heading first out west to Arizona then to Hatteras Island N.C., to Cherokee N.C. and now finds herself nestled in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville N.C.
  Kimberly enjoys the Native American culture, spirituality and quantum physics as well as vegetarian diet and maintains a healthy active lifestyle. She has two adult children who both live in Sarasota, a Yorkie Sadie, a Maltese named Chanel and her bunny Stormie.
Herb and perennial gardening, all things metaphysical, healthy cooking, her friends, the ocean, hiking, meditation, bike riding and working on her first book, “Getting To The Heart Of The Matter” are all immensely enjoyed. 
Her dream is to open an Institute teaching The Savoie Method, traveling, teaching and offering spiritual life and business coaching in her Health2Wealth programs. Our health and our finances compliment one another. Its difficult to move forward with a painful body lagging behind. The goal is to keep them in balance. There is always a need for this and her desire becomes stronger with time.

Kimberly Savoie, LMT, MM28740, MA65021

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