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Please Note: COVID-19 is being implemented into practice regarding particular guide lines set forth by the NC Board of Massage Therapy and the World Health Organization. You and your therapist will be required to wear a face mask during session. 

Pain changes people and I believe Therapeutic Touch through Massage Therapy and Energy work can, almost instantly, create miracles by awakening the spirit and erasing pain as a result of various health, emotional or psychological conditions. Touch is one way to bring the spirit firmly back into the body to those who may feel a disconnect due in part to emotional trauma, isolation or illness, allowing them to feel whole again. I appreciate the opportunity to offer this service to your existing wellness care regime that is currently in place and believe integrative CAM (complimentary alternative medicine) to be just what one needs to restore ones mind, body and spirit as well. I take a very holistic approach to ones health. Below are examples of what is offered. 

My rates are based on years of knowledge and experience. The fees set here within reflect the quality of service provided based on experience and knowledge obtained over many years. The initial funds invested will support itself in a quality of living that is sustainable and that will last a lifetime. The knowledge that you receive can be passed down to your children, friends and the people that you know. I also like to keep the prices within reach to those who genuinely cannot afford it.

Out Calls now available in the comfort of your home with a 2 hour/2 person minimum

Payment:  I accept cash or major c.c.'s and expect payment before each session. Please also enjoy the convenience of paying for your services online. 

 Rehabilitative Therapy - Deep Tissue Medical Massage     $75     $120
 Ultra Relaxation Therapeutic Massage - Swedish Massage     $75           $120
Therapeutic Light Touch - Chair or Table Massage     $65     $85
 Oncology Massage - Pre & Post Treatment      $75     $115
 Foot / Hand / Ear Reflexology - Acupressure Point Activation       $65     $90
 Rehabilitative Meridian Massage    $75
 Chakra Rebalancing    $75
 Energy Clearing    $75
 Reiki    $70
 Distant Healing    $95
 Wellness Consultation    $80
 Mending The Soul    $85

 Business Coaching for Spiritual, Creative & Conscious Individuals ( 2 hour minimum) 

 3 Hour Private & Group Massage Training for Couples   $100
 Corporate Events and On-site/Out-call Massage (includes travel fee)   $100
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Rehabilitative Therapy - $75 per Hour / $120 1.5 Hours
Deep Tissue Medical Massage is given to rehabilitate the body and muscle tissue to regain mobility and a pain free body. Areas of concern would be: sciatica, frozen shoulder, limited range of motion and pain in the neck, lower lumber pain and stiffness, carpal tunnel in the wrist, scar pain, tendonitis in elbows and knees. 





Rehabilitative Therapy $75 (and up) per Hour / $120 (and up) 1.5 Hours 
Each session is custom tailored towards delivering a unique treatment based on your individualized needs. You can expect a thorough intake and an in depth spiritual approach using oriental medicine, acupressure, reflexology, sound and color therapy, tuning forks, intuitive touch, aromatherapy, shiatsu, reiki, stretching, chakra balancing and clearing, guided meditation and philosophy along with specific muscular therapy modalities.

Learn how to give this massage in a 3 hour workshop. See below



Ultra Relaxation Therapeutic Massage - $75 per Hour / $120 1.5 Hours
Long smooth flowing massage strokes with minimal talking lends itself into a trance like state totally and completely relaxing the entire body giving this massage a two thumbs up and is rated one of my signature massages loved by many. This massage can offered seated in a chair as well.

Learn how to give this massage in a 3 hour workshop. See below





Therapeutic Light Touch - $65 per Hour / $80 1.5 Hours
A full body Swedish Massage is administered to those who like a lighter touch. Perfect for those who are not active and are in need of movement of the lymph and circulatory system. A excellent service for the elderly, children, swelling and those new to massage. 







Oncology Massage - $75 per Hour / $115 1.5 Hours
Oncology Massage is the modification of existing massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer pre & post treatment.






Foot / Hand and/or Ear Reflexology - $60 per Hour / $90 1.5 Hours
A Chinese form of activating the organs via accu-points on the feet, hands and ears using a bio-photon chromo-quartz crystal therapy light device on the meridians on the feet. These are the same points used in acupressure but without the needles. This approach coupled with the colored light and quartz crystal speeds up the healing process that just the application of using the tips of practitioners fingertips cannot duplicate.





Other Wellness Services

Rehabilitative Meridian Massage - $75 per Hour / $120 1.5 Hours
Pain relief for stressed muscles, diagnosed conditions, post surgery and chronic conditions using a light tender touch along with a bio-photon chromo-quartz therapy light device on the meridians on the body. These are the same points used in acupressure but without the needles.This approach coupled with the colored light and quartz crystal speeds up the healing process that just the application of using the tips of practitioners fingertips cannot duplicate.






Chakra Balancing - $75 per Hour
Many people are not aware of the chakra system within our bodies. Chakras are 7 energy centers in the body that control the organs that make up the endocrine system of the body. These particular organs excrete hormones which control your immune system. Any imbalance will cause an upset within the body and illness will result. With the use of gentle touch the practitioner is trained to feel if the flow of energy of the chakra system is working. Any imbalance in this system will be corrected by aligning, opening and balancing the chakra system. Advice is offered to keep the system functioning correctly.






Energy Clearing - $75 per Hour
Because we are energetic human beings, stagnant energies can cause illness as well as prevent health. Clearing energetic blocks within the body, home and business. The trained practitioner is able to sense energy that is stuck within the field of the body, within the home of workplace, what type of energy is present and what is causing it. Through a simple technique the energy is cleared and replaced with a new foundation of energy in which to work in. Recommendations are given to keep the space free and clear of clean energies.





Reiki - $70 per Hour
A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.






Distant Healing of People, Places and Things - $95 per Hour
Distant healing by use of prayer knows no boundaries. A practice that is used by the pure intention of sending thought as prayer to facilitate a healing. The mere thought of loving healing intention has immense power to heal no matter where we are in the world. Group prayer encouraged for you or your loved one.






Wellness Consultation - Regaining & Sustaining a Healthy Body - $95per Hour
Belief Work & Guided Visualization
Assisted guided meditation is a powerful tool used to reorganize, balance and to get a clear perception of our priorities and intentions to our personal goals in life.Releasing and renewing the beliefs that we hold within our minds that are effecting us day to day inadvertently preventing us from moving forward in our personal and social life as well as in our careers.  Through the framework of discussion and digging we are able to release subconscious old belief patterns we have held since childhood while replacing them with the "real and true" ones we can work with.
Learn how to clear your mind, lay down your intentions and wishes while listening to the answers that are waiting there to be discovered.
An important part of the healing process which opens up doors to more opportunity, clarity and a sense of self immerges through this process of writing.

* Pain Management
* Increase your energy
* Weight Management
* Learn what your body needs
* Balance PH
* Improve digestive sufficiency
* Reverse signs of disease
* Reverse free radical damage
* Increase nutritional knowledge

Modalities & Guidance That Maybe Used:
* Emotional Freedom Technique
* Live Blood Analysis
* Rehabilitative Meridian Massage
* Bio-Photon Chromo Quartz Acu-Pressure
* Shiatsu
* Private Phone Consultations
* Kinesiology
* PH Balance Test
* Guided Meditation Techniques
* Color Therapy
* Body Detox Procedures
* Supplementation
* Foot/Hand/Ear  Reflexology
* Chakra Balancing
* Meridian Activation
* Herbal Remedies
* Yoga Pose Recommendations
* Infused Water
* Self Hypnosis
* Long Distant Healing
* Juicing For Health Conditions
* Tuning Forks / Vibrational Harmonics
* Medicinal Essential Oil
* Therapeutic Touch
* Reiki

* Cupping
* Voice Toning
* Cupping
* Drumming







Mending The Soul - $85 per Hour
The topic of mending the soul or retrieving lost pieces of the soul is a subject matter that goes unnoticed by the majority of people. Individuals who happen to stumble upon this healing modality and experiences the benefits that it  this work has to offer is a very fortunate soul indeed.
Not many people understand the soul or its functions and purposes and how it relates to our well being and our lives.However the soul is crucial to a prosperous, healthy and happy life which effects not only ourselves and the people in which we cross paths with but it also has profound consequences on our children, family members and those of the past present and future in ways you can only imagine.

A soul can have small fragments of itself scattered and can be stuck in other people, places and things leaving the soul which effects the person sort of in a lost state or an incomplete state. This can be due to past life incidences that have not been rectified correctly, incidences here in this life, soul pieces just given away to other people, places or things willingly or unwillingly. The reasons for this are endless.

The goal of the session is to recapture back these soul fragments freeing the individual from blocks, thought processes, self fulfilling prophesies and unhealthy habits that are holding them back so that the individual can live a more complete and happy life. When the individual heals so do the people, place or thing in which the soul fragment was lost to.





Business Coaching for Spiritual, Creative, Conscious Individuals - $95 per Hour 
Is your work place preventing you from living life with clarity of purpose and unsure what to do about it? Are you: surrounded by negative people and conflicts of resentment and jealousy? Stressed out taking this energy home to your loved ones? Even pain energy as in the case of physical or mental illness can cling to you and affect your perception. Your workplace could use a clearing. Then enjoy: A feeling of peace where you work. A loving and supportive environment. Enjoy more energy. Prevent health issues.







3 Hour Private & Group Massage Training for Couples -

Lets not loose touch of our bodies and our ability to help one another heal and feel better by just learning a few basic skills through Muscular Therapy. Learn the basic foundation of a Swedish Relaxation Massage. The same massage given in Spas today. Rekindle - Reawaken - Renew your Relationships - Body - Mind in this 3 hour interactive hands on power through touch workshop

Basic Relaxation Massage Therapy will give you the skills you need to melt away the stress and blissfully send you into total and deep relaxation
Advanced Rehabilitative Massage will give you the skills that you need at your disposal to help with common ailments such as headaches, neck and lower back aches, sciatica, foot and knee pain, shoulder, wrist and hand pain. All the basic skills learned in a Massage Therapy school!

These two separate workshops are open to couples, friends and children over 18 who will both have the opportunity to give and receive a full body massage with instruction given every step of the way. Questions are answered and proper professional and modest draping with linen is taught along the way. Fully clothed and dressed down to your comfort level is at your own discretion.

Private Massage Training - $100 per person (without promo code)
Group Massage Training - $100 per couple






On-Site Corporate Wellness Clinics
Provide business class care right inside the workplace in this ever growing and expansive effort to retain skillful employees and to manage rising employee healthcare costs. We will help you design wellness programs and services, including weight management, pain and stress management, lifestyle management and health coaching in various degrees to accommodate business and your staff.
The New-York based global professional services company Towers Watson, revealed that 62 percent of companies build on-site clinics to enhance worker productivity, 57 percent to reduce medical costs, 48 to create a center of health to better integrate health productivity efforts, and 46 to improve access to care. Call to discuss your needs in order to design a wellness package.




Corporate Events and On-site/Out-call Massage
On-site massage therapy is offered for private sessions at nursing homes, corporate functions and health fair events for an hourly fee. Call to discuss your needs.




Phone Sessions are available and encouraged


All personal work takes courage to look at ourselves and a willingness to want to change





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