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I Am Your Virtual Intuitive Assistant
I am here to guide you through the Health2Wealth process Designed to Improve Your Life! 

by way of Group & Private Conference Calls

Gain knowledge of how nutrition, emotions and how our thoughts and beliefs play a role in our health and wellbeing. Discover how all of this affects us at a cellular level that may contribute to illness. Take your power back by becoming your own physician, healing your own body by way of living a "healthy" conscious life on your own terms. I assist as a facilitator in clearing away your beliefs that block your growth wealth, health and well being.

There is no better time like today to begin Improving Your Health & Finances!

Offering Group and Private Wellness Calls where community, support and friendships are built long distance. This is a place where we can share and heal. I offer various healing methods on these calls all you need to do is have the desire, courage and willingness to heal. Simple.

With the strange events happening around the world, people are feeling the impact on a visceral and physical level wreaking havoc with health, wealth and well being. With over 30 years of experience in alternative health, an intuitive ability to assist those to heal, I want to share my knowledge with you as we build a support network across the globe.

Here you will find the pure intent of a long held dream of mine of building community, a place to call home amongst other like minded individuals like yourself. Just people needing people, lending an ear, sharing their experiences and offering a few words of concern and perhaps wisdom. Believe it or not, sometimes this alone creates a healing.  As Barbara Streisand lyrics in one of her songs is “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world”. Let’s not lose the importance of this simple fact.

We have become a technologically driven society walking around in a coma state. We are being dumbed down by all these electronics with the result of causing separation between our family and fellow man. It is my goal to help others to simplify, to empower and to restore life, love and health back into their lives. Today we need this more than ever and we need support, knowledge and direction in our health and wellness.

I invite you to come along on this soul journey as we discover life can be more than ' just this'. Together lets get out of our ruts and get back to a thriving and healthier us.

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Group Wellness Calls
Private Wellness & Business Consultation Calls

Group Wellness Calls that are currently available now *

* Group Intentional Call - These are special group gatherings requested by callers to celebrate victories , to aid in support of any kind or for group intentional healings. When the need arises. 

* Group Meet & Greet Call - Designed for people to get to know one another and to gain a better perspective on the nature of the wellness camp workshops. Meets twice a week for 1 hour. Free

* Group Meditation Call - Join us every Thursday evening for a guided meditation for healing & clearing of body and the workplace as well as connecting with out living and non living pets.

* Group Wellness Workshop Call - A group gathering allowing one another to share, to heal and to be healed. Discussion on various topics of health and wellness. We meet twice a week for 1 hour workshops

Group Instructional Call - Learn how to set up your pc with microphone and webcam to join us live via Skype or Zoom. Free. Meet once a week for 1 hour. coming soon

* Private Wellness & Business Consultation Calls - Through the framework of discussion and digging we are able to release old subconscious belief patterns we have held since childhood while replacing them with the "real and true" ones we can work with. Learn tools to reorganize, balance and to gain a clear perception of the priorities and intentions of personal goals in your life. Releasing and renewing the beliefs that we hold within our minds that are affecting us day to day inadvertently preventing us from moving forward in our personal and social life as well as in our careers.

What to Expect During a Group Private Wellness Call - During a consultation you not only gain knowledge on how to regain control over your life again but to learn how energetically our consciousness changes the vibration of our body. When our vibration is low we get illness and vice versa. You will learn how to keep your vibration/energy body running high and vibrant and keeping you healthy. You may notice that alongside of this your thoughts are clearer, you begin to set healthy boundaries with people, you start to attract different people and experiences in your life that support your "New You". You may very well experience an Illumination, a physical energetic shift and health conditions that cure themselves naturally and oftentimes instantly. As an added bonus as you navigate through life, this 'new you' may very well catapult you exponentially in your career allowing you the benefits of success and happiness in your chosen field of endeavor.

Available to people worldwide, sessions are conducted remotely by phone or Skype if you choose and last approximately 60 to 120 minutes. We request that you spend a few minutes in stillness and preparation in advance of each session, and your undivided attention at the appointed hour. 

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Group Wellness Workshop Calls

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Consultations are provided by appointment only, and are not designed to respond to urgent situations or an immediate crisis.
Please note these sessions are limited to the practice of energy medicine and not intended to diagnose nor to provide medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. We recommend that you consult your physician should you be experiencing psychological issues and medical conditions.


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