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Benefits of Massage
Anyone who has suffered from a medical condition, stressors of day to day living, a stay in the hospital where pain is present understands first hand not only how debilitating this can be but also notices how quickly depression can set in, work performance declines and overall perception on life is just dim.
The application of Massage Therapy is valuable for the aches and pains associated with diagnosed conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, stroke, surgeries, tendonitis, carpal tunnel just to name a few. If we live with any of these conditions or illnesses just for a short period of time and as our bodies age, we notice increasing muscular stiffness and contractures, inflamed joints, an increased digestive and respiratory malfunction, decreased alertness, sensation and circulation. 

The restorative touch of Massage Therapy has a calmative effect on people who are agitated due to pain, anxiety, lack of sleep and over all stress. As an added benefit to receiving regular massage therapy, circulation increases, a good nights sleep is restored, work performance improves, one has better clarity, a reduction in pain, lowered blood pressure, fear and anxiety dissipate, the immune system is improved and the individual just feels "whole" again and Life is Good!

Not only does massage therapy have restorative effects, when receiving the human touch via massage therapy we are also adding companionship, communication, compassion and love. We need all of this to thrive as human beings and without it what is left is isolation, depression and a pain body and no one deserves to go threw life on these terms.

Our Mission
Touch-For-Life Wellness LLC offers restorative and rehabilitative holistic services in your home or workplace. We are a mobile unit catering to individuals in the work place, home or who reside in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, staying in a hospital, rehabilitative center. We wholeheartedly have given our life and dedication for caring, empowering, educating and enhancing the quality of life, in order to make living more enjoyable and productive.

Our Program
Please contact us on how to bring this valuable wellness program to your staff, patients, visitors and residents supporting them as they continue their path to wellness. Because pain follows us where ever we go, we are here to help in making people more comfortable.

Mobile Wellness
Enjoy time saving wellness services in a manner that is convenient for you!

Services offered…

· Relaxation Massage     

· Rehabilitative Massage

· Foot/Hand Reflexology

· Aromatherapy

· Chair/table Massage

. Therapeutic Touch

· Reiki

We treat pets as well!

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