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It will be of great pleasure and honor to open a school in the near future to teach The Savoie Method and other massage & bodywork modalities. The name of the institute will be the Savoie Institute of Massage and Bodywork of Integrative Studies. It will offer continuing educational workshops for alternative health care practitioners, allopathic practitioners, parents,and anyone who works with and cares for people in a recovery to health.

Inside the training manuals will be imprinted on the inside cover the following dedication covenant that will read as follows:
I, Kimberly Savoie, hereby dedicate myself, my time, my money, all I have and all I expect to have, to the truth of the Albert Einstein's theory of relativity that all things including human beings are made up of energy, of light energy and what I believe is the spark of God's divine light that each one of us carries within us in our sacred heart. I carry this through and into the foundation of The Savoie Institute.

It is being agreed and understood that the said truth that God's divine light consciousness resides in each and everyone of us shall render unto me an equivalent for this dedication in health of body, peace of mind, love, wisdom, understanding and an abundant supply of all things necessary to meet every need without my making any of these things the object of my existence. 

In the presence of the conscious minds all masters, saints, healers, shamans and our God.

The Savoie Institute will not only hold teaching workshops for holistic and alternative practitioners, medical doctors and nurses and to anyone wishing to heal and be healed but it will be the intention of all those trained in this healing method not to turn anyone away in need by offering a sliding scale fee based on need. There will always be money available to meet any obvious need. We will see to it that those suffering in pain who find themselves in financial hardship will be cared for.

I would like to thank you for your continued support in all ways possible with my mission to end suffering while helping those in need.


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