The Savoie Method

 ........this page is continuously being updated - a work that is deserving of its thorough research, practice and patience. 

Touch-For-Life is just that. It is giving life by way of touch and which is the underlying premise behind The Savoie Method. Something happens within the body at a sub atomic particle cellular level when this method is applied. Life is restored and damaged cells are regenerated. We are able to take a body that is not functioning at its peak performance adjusting the frequency by laying down telepathic pathways of new information. This method borderlines stem cell theory by way of multi-dimensional physics in a way that a cell of a particular organ for instance receives the correct balance to begin functioning back to the way that it innately knows how.

We use a non invasive process based on string theory of methods that date back thousands of years coupled with state of the art methodologies being used today along with quantum physics. East meets West in this unique life changing and restorative treatment.

Allow The Savoie Method to work with you in bringing your body back to a painless state on all levels physical, emotional and spiritual.

About Our Work Together
Our heart is the most powerful organ in the body which controls our emotions. If our emotions stem other than from a loving space, this puts stress upon the human heart. And believe it or not emotions are a major underlying reason for disease. Emotions get stored in the body and if you are undergoing constant stress, be it physical, emotional or mental, then very likely you may be in constant pain. In other cases you may feel pain resurface in your body that gets triggered by onsets of stressful and emotional situations. The majority of the work that we will do together will be discussion, hands on bodywork as well as energy work.

When we bring conscious awareness to the surface, this sets a vibrational pattern and creates positive change within at a cellular level. A new change has then occurred. The next step is to clear and move the old patterns out of the body utilizing a combination of modalities. The work that we will do requires a commitment on your part as well as the courage to be true to you.
In an atmosphere of truth, courage and acceptance your sessions will lead to clearer vision, deeper meaning and a pain free lifestyle on all levels. The application of The Savoie Method work will continue working for days following a session when take home techniques are used in between your appointments.

Each session is customized to fit your current state which will entail a “checking in” to discuss your progress and to make adjustments (if need be) to your treatment for that day.  

Your first one hour private consultation session will entail:

- discussing my philosophy and the various healing modalities that I work with

- discussion of your current health status including nutrition and medical conditions

- what your goals are as well as the steps that we will take to get there

- a body assessment

- your first treatment

All subsequent treatments: Discuss progress, setbacks (if any) and receive therapy

Benefits of Our Work Together
As you begin your work in healing all aspects of yourself you may notice pain within the body or programs replaying in your mind as thoughts. Our goal is to work in these areas and smooth and clear the path for new beginnings on all levels for you.

The physiological benefits of your treatments are numerous and affect every aspect of your being, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.

We will uncover the hidden messages of your pain body on a continuous ongoing basis as you progress.

Through coaching you will learn techniques that will keep you steady on your path to wellness

Remote distant healing will keep you on track by keeping the energy field clear, protected and free from outside energetic disturbances

Phone sessions will allow us to "check in" to discuss progress as well as setbacks with a gentle nudge of encouragement

If necessary, inviting and engaging family members, friends and co-workers to become actively involved

I am here to empower you by choosing your course of action utilizing the benefits of various modalities on a as needed basis. Being proactive in what you feel you need at any given session is the first step to healing as I offer my suggestions in any given moment.

Please note: Periodic emails and/or phone calls are encouraged charting your progress along the way. If you happen to go away on vacation or cannot get to an appointment you have the option of have 1hr remote distant healing session and/or a 1hr coaching session via the phone. This insures consistency and stability for continued success.

Thank you for allowing me the honor to be a part of your healing journey.


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