The purpose is to facilitate positive change within the human person by bringing the body back to a painless state while maintaining a balance of health and well being


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At Touch-For-Life Wellness we recognize that more and more people are tuning in and coming to a more conscious way of living. We want you to feel good and do well in all areas of your life. More than ever we all are striving for a pain free body, a stress less life, a happy home and more productive in school and the workplace.

If we begin our work with the body, mind and spirit we can take notice of the impact this has in our everyday life. You will start to notice you’re in a good mood and life is good.

 “I want to live more consciously is a statement that becomes more and more popular these days, often as a direct consequence of the realization of not having enough control over one’s life or simply by being overwhelmed by everyday task or information overload. But it seems that many people don’t really seem to understand what the term “conscious living” really means or conceive it just superficially. How can it be achieved to live life more consciously? And even more important: what are the benefits of living a conscious life? We have a unique way of accomplishing this like no other method being offered out there.

The Savoie Method
offers products and techniques that can be duplicated so that once given, you are left to replicate this on your own and teach others to do the same. This process can move you above and beyond your current state and into a healthier you permanently.

Discover new ways of living, thinking and feeling while bringing to you health and wealth in the process. It’s difficult to acquire both if your body is in constant debilitating pain.

Find out how we can help improve all areas of your life. You'll be amazed at how simple this can be without costing you a fortune, unnecessary trips to the Doctor and more time spent on things you find enjoyable.                     





Touch For Life Wellness is a complementary and alternative medicine center providing affordable wellness and education to the public.

Igniting the Spark that Flames the Spirit.......Naturally




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