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At Touch-For-Life Wellness we recognize that people seek out complementary and alternative therapies for help with chronic pain and chronic illness. We go above & beyond the physical mechanics of massage therapy. This is not the place where you will receive a back 'rub'. This is a place where your concerns will be listened to and your needs met.
We take your health seriously and we want you to also. We take your massage and bodywork session a step further making good use of your investment in time and money as we combine various methods and modalities in with each session.

As each treatment is unique to the individual; even as you grow in your own individuality, the services that are provided grow with you and are always customized to fit your current state.

More and more people these days are finding themselves with minimal to no health insurance. Now on the flip side we are being forced into taking more responsibility and making better choices when it comes to our health otherwise we risk financial ruin if we become ill and/or hospitalized. When we become independent, empowered and pro-active in our health care these abilities filter into other areas of our lives as well making for a 'balanced' life altogether.

The conventional mode of health care lends itself to dependency; here's a pill....take it. Or heart attack/high cholestorol = operation. And it's easy since insurance pays for this. As a result of the financial help via insurance companies many have learned to become dependent rather than independent and pro-active in their own health and well being.

 Our goal is not for you to be dependent on us but for us to act as facilitators giving you the tools in which to choose enabling you to be proactive and independent in your own healing process.

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Touch For Life Massage & Wellness Center is a complementary and alternative medicine organization providing affordable wellness and education to the public. Our partnered practitioners are highly qualified and compassionate with the means to bridge the gap of social isolation, financial barriers and quality CAM care. 

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