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Canine/Feline Wellness

Animals Need Holistic Care Too


What better way to care for your pets health but to treat the natural way.

Reiki plus Massage Therapy

Reiki is a form energetic vibrational healing and when combined with massage therapy the energy moves throughout the body by working with life force energies or what id like to call Gods light healing energy through me and into the body. The natural hands on energetic non invasive healing technique is used to assist to heal your pet on all levels of the body, mind and spirit alleviating pain and has been proven to reduce stress in both animals and humans.

Reiki initiates and accelerates the healing process while activating the energies of one's highest, spiritual potential. It is a practice which enables the ability to clearly connect with the vibration and soul essence of any person or animal. People and animals are able to communicate their acceptance for such healing to take place whether it is in person or a long distant healing. Energy vibrational healing goes where it is needed with shifts in physical, mental and emotional sensations are being made days, weeks or even months afterwards.

Fee for service is based on the amount of time that the animal will sit still for.

Massage Therapy training workshops now being offered. Call for more details.



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