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A warm welcome! I am thrilled that you stopped by! Because to me, it tells me that you are considering and maybe even ready to make a change in your life to embark on your own authentic and spiritual path towards prosperity in all areas of your life.

If your interest lies in pain management, nutrition, herb gardening, sprouting, juicing, body detoxifying, exercise/yoga, meditation, forgiveness of self and others, art, drumming, spiritual business coaching, body work, remote energetic healing, chakras and crystals therapy to vibrational harmonics, charging water/food, energy medicine, essential oils, symbolism, journaling to name just a few, then you will gain much benefit from working with me.

In addition to offering in person and private sessions in guiding others on establishing and maintaining a healthy state on all levels emotional, physical and spiritual, I also offer group sessions where we have a place of non judgment, support and love to share and collaborate whatever is on our minds. Not everyone has someone to just vent to and I want to make that available and accessible on a weekly basis by just calling a number on your phone or having online video chats with others of like mind. I also invite you to watch videos on all above mentioned topics that will go into great detail so that you can pick and choose topics of interest and learn at your own pace.

From there we will set up your first initial appointment where we will discuss where you currently are now and where you envision yourself to be from there laying down the framework and strategies on how we will get there and what that will look like making adjustments along the way to suit your schedule, personality and budget. I do offer a sliding scale as well. No one is turned down based on inability to pay the standard fee structure. And those who have the ability to pay above and beyond the required amount may do so in support of those who would like to but just can not at this time. Thank you in advance and may you be blessed
It has been my lifelong mission and I am hear with absolute honor to help you on your spiritual health journey.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?
I have always been an extremely compassionate and caring individual since a very small age loving animals and deeply emotionally affected by the homeless people I would see on the street on my trips into Boston. At the age of around six I had a dream to build a commune for the homeless with a hospital, homes and stores so that they can get health care, a job, a place to live and the money to pay for their bills. I would literally feel the pain and cry over the trials and tribulations people went through. My heart would be overwhelmed with sadness and I would feel hopeless and worthless. As I grew in age I wondered if what I saw in them was in fact a reflection of my soul. That was when my own spiritual journey began. In order to help another, we first need to help ourselves. In case of an emergency on a plane, they say put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then your children. Makes perfect since.
I have spent the last 3 years traveling solo in my rv which granted me tremendous growth. I know first hand that fear of stepping into uncharted territory is just an idea and how our limited beliefs are pliable and can be stretched and molded into liberating new beliefs. At age 55, I now see so much hope, worthiness and potential in ALL people and a believer that all things are possible and that nothing is beyond our reach.

How my clients describe their first visit?
Immediately when clients meet me they gain peace and relaxation . They feel a since of trust and a knowingness that they can open up and be themselves and this is exactly how I want them to feel.

What I say to someone who has never tried committing to a spiritual life changing transformation?
Commitment looks and is different for each individual. The most important key ingredient is that people become cognizant that there is room to grow within oneself ALWAYS and that it is never too late to choose health and happiness.
If you are asking yourself, "Is this all there is to life? Do I live out the rest of my days in pain"? Then I would like to be the one to answer that question for you and to help you discover that there is SO much more! So much more left to your life worth living!
As a virtual as well as an in person intuitive assistant, my role is to gently guide you honoring and respecting the pace in which is comfortable for you. I will be in the background encouraging , believing and supporting you every step of the way.

If you choose to meet other like minded individuals who are working on similar goals, you can join in on our group calls. Here you will make long lasting friendships form people all around the world as we celebrate our victories through support, love and trust along the way.

2020 is will give us the desire and the energy to make positive changes. We just need to take that first step to set this in motion and to keep a steady momentum moving forward. I will help you with this by giving you the guidance, the tools and the knowledge to do so. Whatever your goals are, I can help you reach them one step of the time.
To find out more and for a complimentary 15 minute consultation, you may call the number provided
Let's do this! I am looking forward it!

COVID-19 is being implemented into practice regarding particular guide lines set forth by the NC Board of Massage Therapy and the World Health Organization. You and your therapist will be required to wear a face mask during session. 

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